Hello World, This is Martien de Wilt broadcasting!

As the title reads this is Martien de Wilt “broadcasting”! Finally I am online with my own blog and so you can see I have started rough without any particular design for my website but better then not actually starting something at all.

So who is Martien de Wilt? We’ll let me tell you I am a very happy and out going person from the amazing city Amsterdam. I am born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and have never lived in any other country even though I would not mind trying it but it has just never happened.

I am single (single ladies please send me an email hehe) but not out of a choice or well subconsciously I think I have choosen for my work instead of a relationship but that should change now.

I work as a freelance graphics designer for about 3 years after leaving one of the largest Dutch forex companies in holland where you can also ervaar een professionele trading platform als thinkorswim. After 6 fun years there however I love the freedom and client contact I get from being a freelance worker.

As a freelance worker I have had the pleasure to work with people and companies from around the world and so many different industries. Some of the companies I have worked with include but are not limited to Casumo, BBVA Legal, Free spins Media, Rotterdam Printing BV, LeoVegas Casino and many more, where you can play videoslots and many more games.

So why did I create this personal blog? Well I made the decision to invest more in myself and try and step it down a bit with my worker and I was thinking whatever better way to having me invest in myself other than a personal blog?

If there is nothing happening in my private life then I would immediately visually see it myself through my personal blog. Visual confirmation is something that has always worked good for me.

So please stay tuned for exciting things to happen here on the blog and in my life! If you have any great tips or ideas for how I can invest in me more then please send me an email or write a comment or perhaps you would like to invest more in yourself together with me 😉